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Journal of Renal and Hepatic Disorders (eISSN: 2207-3744) is a peer-reviewed, online-only, open-access journal that publishes basic science and clinical research articles on disorders of the kidneys and the liver. In addition to considering disord
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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2021): JRHD

Published: 2021-07-12

Original Articles Nephrology

Comparison of Standard Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy with Mini-Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for Removal of Renal Stones in Adults

Asif Alam Khan, Inam Malkani, Junaid Jameel Khattak, Hassan Mumtaz, Mubashir Mazhar, Falak Naz, Arsalan Riaz
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Page 20-25

Kidney Injury in Children Infected with HIV, Followed at the Teaching Hospital of Borgou (Benin): Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects

Séraphin Ahoui, Falilatou Agbeille, Gerard Kpanidja, Alphonse Noudamadjo, Muriel Fridzie Toutche, Bruno Leopold Agboton, Evariste Eteka, Jacques Vigan, Adedemy Julien Didier, Joseph Agossou
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 33 HTML Downloads 14 XML Downloads 27

Page 50-56

Effect of High-Flux versus Low-Flux Dialysis on the Rate of Bacteremia in Hemodialysis Patients: A Single Center Study

Ali Dahouk, Loubna Sinno, Housam Rabah
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Page 1-5

Automobile Paint Reducer Induced Acute Kidney Injury: A Case Series

Muzamil Latief, Zhahid Hassan, Mohd Latief Wani, Farhat Abbas, Summyia Farooq
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 47 HTML Downloads 21 XML Downloads 45

Page 10-13

Review Nephrology

Ex vivo Resection for Renal Cancer: Indications and Results in Specific Clinical Scenarios

Danilo Coco, Silvana Leanza
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 27 HTML Downloads 12 XML Downloads 36

Page 6-9

Case Reports Nephrology

Sewing Needle as Foreign Body in Urethra of an Adolescent Boy: Case Report

Kashif Bangash, Muhammad Naeem, Hassan Mumtaz, Aaliah Akhtar Hayat, Mubashar Mazhar, Shahzaib Ahmad
Abstract 120 | PDF Downloads 40 HTML Downloads 22 XML Downloads 34

Page 17-19

A Neglected Case of Wilson’s Disease Presenting as Symptomatic Urolithiasis and Proteinuria: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Elham Zare, Zahra Mahbubi, Maryam Panahi
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Page 39-44

Original Articles Hepatology

Metabolic Syndrome in Adults with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Zhahid Hassan, Muzamil Latief, Mahroosa Ramzan, Farhat Abbas, Summyia Farooq
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 33 HTML Downloads 9 XML Downloads 27

Page 34-37

Review Hepatology

The Role of the Liver in Iron Homeostasis and What Goes Wrong?

Ernesto Robalino Gonzaga, Irene Riestra Guiance, Richard Henriquez, Gerri Mortimore, Jan Freeman
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 54 HTML Downloads 13 XML Downloads 26

Page 26-33

Hepatic Vein and Inferior Vena Cava Reconstruction during Hepatic Surgery Resection for Cancer

Danilo Coco, Silvana Leanza
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 43 HTML Downloads 22 XML Downloads 35

Page 14-16

Case Reports Hepatology

Orthotopic Liver Transplantation in a Case of Novel YAP1-TFE3 Hepatic Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma [HEHE]; Case Report and Review of Literature

Sugi SRV, Elankumaran Krishnan, Kulaseharan Venugopal Haribabu, Hari Balakrishnan, Shantha Ravisankar
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 25 HTML Downloads 13 XML Downloads 24

Page 45-49

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