Ex vivo Resection for Renal Cancer: Indications and Results in Specific Clinical Scenarios

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Danilo Coco
Silvana Leanza


ex situ liver resection, extracorporeal liver resection, liver autotransplantation


To retrospectively evaluate databases for indications and results of “bench surgery technique” in ex vivo or ex situ renal cancer resection as a lost alternative of savage renal function in renal malignancy or benign large tumors.

We retrospectively evaluated PUBMED databases, including studies from 1980 to 2020. Only very few studies had analyzed “ex vivo [and] ex situ renal resection, extracorporeal renal resection, [and] renal autotransplantation.”

Ex vivo renal resection and autotransplantation is the last chance in patients with renal cancer, but manifests numerous difficulties during and after the surgery. However, we noted that in some patients it provided good control over cancer, prevented long-term dialysis, and avoided renal transplantation, thus giving patients a good quality of life.


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